Sample Teaching Schedule - Spring

My teaching is completely on line. My normally scheduled classroom sections are designed to be synchronous. I expect enrolled students to meet as a class electronically at the scheduled times. Course lessons and most material for my courses are online.

I use email as a essential means of communication -- it has advantages of keeping a record, being easy to share, allows the inclusion of links or rich media, and is accessible across all computing devices. (Text and phone based messaging systems are often limited to phone based devices).
You may text me at 401 626-0806; however, because I am old and need my beauty sleep, please try to text before 10 PM. If you have a personal emergency and you think I might be able to help, you are welcome to call or text anytime - I will always respect your privacy.

Senior Seminar CORE.456.91

Intro Game Design WEB.200

Arts Funding and Reporting

Arts Practice and Innovation

I do expect to have virtual office hours or drop in periods that you are welcome to join me either via chat, phone, or video conference.