• Instructor: Dr. W. Brett McKenzie 
  • Office: GHH317 
  • Email address: wbteach@g.rwu.edu
  • Web Site: wbteach.com/classes
Office phone number: 401-254-3534
Cell/Text: 401 626-0806
Course Lecture Hours
Thursday, 10:55 AM - 1:45 PM
Synchronous Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 914 8525 9932
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  • Office Hours:
    • Mon: 10:00 - 11:00 AM
    • Tues: 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
    • Thur:  2:00 - 3:00 PM
      Or by appointment
Course Description:
The Internet has been leading to profound changes in many areas of society. In this seminar, students from different disciplines come together to discuss some of these changes. They include changes in arts, science, education, culture, privacy, crime, national security, the economy, and politics.
Course Outcomes (RWU Core Committee)
Texts and Other Materials

Course Requirements

There are five requirements for the class, based on University Core Curriculum Committee Guidelines:
  1. Reading & Weekly summaries and quizzes
    1. Read/listen/watch weekly assigned materials/video;
    2. Write a weekly summary of about 100 words of the reading. If there is no prompt, the summary should include two observations and two questions and be submitted no later than Tuesday midnight before class.
    3. Finish weekly online quizzes about the class materials before class;
  2. Leading a class for discussion
    1. prepare to lead the class discussion on an aspect of the chosen topics with 1 or 2 partners;
    2. research and find one text on your selected topic for your classmates to read/listen/watch.
    3. meet and discuss with the instructor before the scheduled discussion
    4. submit final version of the presentation, if any, to the instructor before class;
    5. lead class discussions;
  3. Close textual reading
    1. Read section from el Kaliouby, Girl Decoded
    2. Lead discussion in section from Girl Decoded
    3. Listen, respond, and lead discussion of selection from Dirty Computer
  4.  Research project
    1. conduct scholarly research, preferably on the topic of your class presentation, with a team of two or three
    2. use a means of expression to create a project - there are two parts:
      1. Product - the expression of your project
      2. Paper - contextualizing the product in the class environment
    3. present the project to class;
  5. participation
    1. attend classes 
    2. actively participate discussions
    3. complete online blog and forum assignments.
Attendance Policy
You are expected to attend class. If you cannot attend class. contact me via e-mail (wmckenzie@rwu.edu)  or phone (401-254-3534). Note: There maybe additional events outside class for which attendance may be taken. Be aware that these events are equivalent to an assignment or class attendance - students with legitimate excuses will have an alternate assignment.

Late Assignments/Missed Exams
Without prior arrangement or a documented emergency, missed assignments and exams will be made up at the instructor's discretion.

Academic Integrity
Review: http://rwu.edu/academics/academic-affairs/academic-standards
Electronic Communications
All students are required to have internet access and use the internet to post their materials. Students are also expect to read their RWU email accounts. This is the prime means of communicating with students. When you send the instructor email (Wbteach@g.rwu.edu), please put ďCORE456: " + topic on the subject line. I will try to respond within 48 hours.  If you text me, please include your name, as your number is not likely to be in my addressbook.
Academic Integrity
The academic integrity policy of university will be strictly followed.

Reading and Quizzes
Presentation of class materials and leading class discussion
20 (10 preparation; 10 discussion)
Close textual analysis
Research Project (Product and Paper)

Access for Students

The University has a continuing commitment to providing reasonable accommodations for students with documented disabilities. The need for accommodations and the process for arranging them may be altered by the impact of COVID-19 and the safety protocols currently in place that we all must follow. We also recognize that we may have students with medical conditions who werenít previously registered with SAS, who should be encouraged to register to receive appropriate accommodations. Students with disabilities who need accommodations in order to fully participate in this class are urged to contact Student Accessibility Services, as soon as possible, to explore the arrangements needed to be made to assure access. During the fall 2020 semester, the Student Accessibility Services office can be reached at sas@rwu.edu and 401-254-3841. SAS is open Monday through Friday from 8:00AM to 5:00PM. For more information about SAS, visit https://www.rwu.edu/undergraduate/academics/student-academic-success/student-accessibility-services-sas 

Tentative Schedule:
Class Introduction - Brink of the Revolution
04 Feb
What is the Internet? What is its history?  11 Feb
Audio & Imaging
18 feb
Economy 25 Feb
V Project Proposals 04 Mar
Communication 11 Mar
Science + Education 18 Mar
Security - Crime and National Security 25 Mar
IX Gaming & AI 01 Mar
X Girl Decoded
08 Apr
XI Girl Decoded
15 Apr
XII Girl Decoded + Project Proposal Final - 22 Apr
XIII Presentation Practice 29 Apr
XIV Final Presentations 06 May
Final Exam Period * 13 May If required
* this date may change

Course Materials
Course materials are covered by the appropriate copyright. Locally prepared course materials are the property of the faculty, which includes hand-outs, website content, and other presentation materials or assignments. Use beyond the classroom requires permission.
Course Recordings
Audio and video recordings of the course are permitted with the instructor's consent. These materials are to assist you  in completing your coursework and are not authorized for redistribution.
Student Course Materials Completed assignments, especially projects,  may be used to build instructional portfolios and serve as instructional examples for future classes. All reasonable attempts to remove personal identification while maintaining the integrity of the project will be made.
Title XI
Roger Williams University fosters a campus free of power-based personal violence including sexual harassment, domestic violence, relationship violence, stalking, and/or any form of sex or gender-based discrimination. If you disclose a personal experience as described above, either verbally or in writing, the course instructor is required to notify the Title IX Coordinator.  To disclose any such violence confidentially, contact one of the three resources listed below:
  • RWU Counseling Center Ė 401-254-3124
    • https://www.rwu.edu/undergraduate/student-life/health-and-counseling/counseling-center
  • Health Services Ė 401-254-3156
    • https://www.rwu.edu/undergraduate/student-life/health-and-counseling/health-services
  • Additional information regarding your rights and resources are available at: https://www.rwu.edu/undergraduate/student-life/health-and-counseling/sexual-assault-and-dating-violence/title-ix-rwu

Preferred Name Policy
Roger Williams University has an optional Preferred Name Policy that allows students to update their name in our University records without requiring a legal name change. Students who might consider using such a change include members of our trans communities. Students can update their name through their Student portal, click on Student, then User Account. Preferred Personal Information should appear and they can update their name there. Should students have any questions or concerns, please reach out to the
Registrarís Office or Gabby Porcaro gporcaro@rwu.edu in the Intercultural Center.

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